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Fix your leaning fence by utilizing the FenceMender repair
sleeve, so easy to do that a 76 year old can do it. Or
call your favorite installer, and they will be able to
install it for you for a lot less than buying a new post.
Try it yourself; you will not believe how easy it is.
Come join the FenceMender family and save money and
time repairing your damaged fence. We thank you for
your support for over 30 years, installing more than 2
million units successfully. Remember, every FenceMender
you install, promotes a healthy environment by saving
a wooden fence post from becoming more waste on our
green Planet. That’s right, think Green, we need our
trees; why throw it away when the post is still in good
shape, use a FenceMender, go green!

Thank you for supporting American Made Products.

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